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Sexual Torture

Sexual Torture

Posted by Torino on 6/10/2008
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    User164: As a metaphor for intercourse, this depiction of sexual torture is very erotic. She was impaled just far enough for her to feel a satisfying fullness in her vagina, and even if she tried to stand, the rod is in too
    deep to slide completely out. When the device was first inserted, with a slow, gentle thrust, it was cold, and that startled her. But then it was switched on, and slowly it grew warmer, pleasantly so. Her
    captors watched her in silence for a few minutes, then left the room, satisfied that everything was as it should be. She relaxed a little, and focused on the smooth shaft penetrating her. She found herself
    sexually aroused. She felt herself beginning to moisten as her intimate parts responded sensually to the rigid metallic "guest" by self-lubricating her vagina. Eventually though, the heating element began to
    glow. It is starting to get a little too hot, but she does not know how much hotter it will get. Perhaps there is no cutoff, no limit, to the heat it will pump into her? She shudders, but feels a strange thrill at the
    thought. Her fearful excitement makes her heart pound, and between holdings of her breath, she gasps. She tries not to move. When she squirms, the slightest movement against the dildo is like touching
    a hot soldering iron to her clitoris, which is throbbing now as if it were angry. She feels a steady buildup of sexual desire mixed with sexual pain. Her emotions are overwhelming, a mass of confused
    contradictions. Her helplessness makes her feel like a little girl, but the slow, relentless thermal rape she is undergoing and her masochistic, almost welcoming reaction to it, remind her she is very much a
    woman. She is trying not to orgasm (though she is very close to it!) because she knows that after she convulses with contractions, she will be left exhausted, and her vagina will still be embracing the
    red-hot intruder, a literal after-glow. She has never felt more feminine. She is alone in the room, but high on the wall opposite her, she sees a camera. Blushing violently, she abruptly lowers her gaze and
    stares at her pussy, knowing her suffering will be put for all to see on the Internet.
    9/25/2010 3:44 PM

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